NBC Cancels “Awake”

There has been 18 episodes of “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet“. Selfishly, three of them have featured one of the stars of NBC‘s “Awake“. Most recently last week when Wilmer Valderrama discussed the end of the season with us.

Little did we know he would also be discussing the end of the series. NBC pulled the plug on Michael Brittan and his dual dreams over the weekend. It’s a shame. Really. The first show of this nature that I’ve really gotten behind since LOST has gone the same way of so many before it. See The Event, Flash Forward, Etc. There is however one last episode. I’ll be there and hope you are too.

Also, as a footnote, NBC cancelled Bent as well. You can here the star of that in Episode 12. We really know how to pick a winner.

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