Today In LOST News…

Yesterday was an unusally busy day for the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815. First Jin, also known to common folk as Daniel Dae Kim was here in Philadelphia.

Word is that Shane Victorino spent a few years pressing the button in the hatch, though that has not been confirmed.

Meanwhile, Jack Shephard, or Matthew Fox as SOME PEOPLE know him, got busted for a DUI yesterday. Which, if you’re paying attention, makes perfect sense. Follow the timeline kids. Jack of course went on a hardcore bender because….HE’S TRYING TO GET BACK TOT HE ISLAND!

Life is tough on this timeline. Remember when he almost jumped off that bridge? Huh? He has to get back to the island to save it. “Live together, Die alone”

Possible headlines from the future…Evangeline Lilly Opens Model Plane Business. Maybe.

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