Happy Valentine’s Day: How To Get The Tramp In Your Life Into Fantasy Baseball

Happy VDay friends! If on this most romantic of holidays, you have a woman in your life who discards men rapidly and judges them on surface level traits…there’s an app for that.

Introducing the Baseball Boyfriend, the new fantasy baseball app that asks who your BBBF is. You can pick your “boyfriend” and stick with him all season, or much like other fantasy baseball, you can change him throughout the season for a better chance to win.

Now look, I’ll draw hearts around Chase Utley all day long, but this is a little obscene. I don’t want baseball to be “cute” or “adorable”. I would rather not see tweets like “OMG my BBBF is amazing”. I don’t think the Digipet mentality is the best way to motivate female fans. But hey, what’s more American then disposable relationships and baseball right?

If this happens to be your thing, you can get the it HERE.

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