It’s Finally Here…The Return Of “The Muppets”

This Thanksgiving I give thanks for the return of The Muppets. I get pretty geeked up for comic movies, but my one true hero is and always will be Kermit. The reason I’m 28 and still have a stuffed version of my green friend sitting in my living room is this.

The frog has endless ambition yet has never let his accomplishments define him. He’s a calm rational voice in a world of Weirdos and Whoopie-Cushion-Toting Bears, yet he knows the time to let loose and scream. He’s a hopeless romantic, even when love seems overwhelming and at times even abusive. He’s level-headed and cool in a geeky and awkward way. He’s a hero.

A few tidbits for you to pre-game with. From A.V. Club, details on Michael Cera being the inspiration behind the newest Muppet (As Pictured Above). And 7, count them 7, clips to get you Mahna Mahnaing all the way to the theater. See you there.

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