Don’t Just Watch The Throne…Listen To It

Two men at the top of their game, Jay-Z and Kanye West, took over the Wells Fargo Center this week. Honestly they killed it. No hollaback crews on stage, no half-song nonsense…just hits.

Before we get to the actual show though, two things struck me as particularly interesting. One, the amount of weed being openly smoked in there was astounding. In my younger days you were super nervous to bring weed into a show. But here, it’s like they handed it out at the door like a free Phillies rally towel. Everybody says the show was about two and a half hours long, but with that much blunt passing I suspect it was only 20 minutes long and just went really, really, slow.

Second, Kanye West has officially dug into the Phylicia Rashad Cosby Show collection. From an African designed t-shirt to start to an odd African sweater ensemble to end, I am now officially aware that Kanye is black. I never really doubted it, but this is a clincher.

Now you may say to yourself “what goes good with something like that?”. Well, if you answered a leather kilt then you would be correct. Also you would be disturbed. And so it was the fashion stylings of Mr. West.

As for the show itself…unreal. You forget how many songs these two gentlemen have until you are secondhand high and rolling out the Wells Fargo at midnight. If you missed it, I’m sorry for you. It might be the tightest hip-hop show ever put together. But luckily thanks to the fine folks at you can listen to it HERE.

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