Caught In The Web: ScarlettJohanssoning

Hopefully by now you have seen the infamous Scarlett Johansson naked photo shoot. I’m not going to post them here because I fear that might lead to shut down. Really a boob is not worth the sacrifice. Google it.

But some pictures I CAN get behind is this latest trend of “ScarlettJohanssoning“. This is the recreation of her picture in a sometimes sexy and often hilarious fashion. It’s the new plank-batmanning-razor-blah-blah-blah.

One kind soul has been nice enough to create a site and compile them all. Check it out HERE. I’ve linked to the non-human section because this is a PG operation, and honestly Donald Duck is always funnier than naked women. Not cooler, just funnier. Feel free to click around for the naked women. Enjoy.

One comment

  1. Vincent

    You’re so right, naked women are everywhere on the web, the non-human section is much more funnier, and at least it’s harmless.
    Thanks for choosing my Donald Duck.

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