Picture of The Day: Tiny Spiderman

Greetings friends. It’s been way too long since we last spoke. I had to get this whole Debt Ceiling thing under control. You’re welcome America. Now, on to more important things…the internet.

There are a few interesting pictures floating around this magic box today. One is that of Louis Magazzu, the politician from New Jersey that sent out naked pictures. But this is a PG-13 kind of blog so you will not find that here. While on the subject though this should be noted…Magazzu opted with the wide shot for his junk photo shoot. Bad move. Everyone knows “things in the mirror are closer than they appear”. If you’re going to take some private pictures, get right in there. That little guy is ready for his closeup and anything less would be a disservice. Also, that fact that “Pulling A Weiner” is part of our lexicon now is priceless.

All that being said, there is no picture that better encapsulates my feelings growing up than this one. And that beats scrotum any day of the week.

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