Geeking Out With Brit Marling And Mike Cahill Of “Another Earth”

What if there was another Earth out there. Another world where another version of you lives. Exactly like you but with their own free will, making choices that might differ from the road you’ve chosen.

Wait…Breathe…Lets slow things down.

Many times in life we are faced with these crossroad moments. Wether it’s conscious or not, a choice that helps define the course of things to come. What would life be like if you had turned right instead of left? Would you still stand in the place you do today? Would your loved ones be the same?

All of this is the subject of “Another Earth“, which opens in Philadelphia on July 29th. I’ll admit it’s a pretty heavy concept, but it’s fascinating to me.  That’s why we brought in Actress Brit Marling and Director Mike Cahill to help clear things up.

Brit Marling And Mike Cahill

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