Mike Piazza Discusses The Dodgers Downfall And…Eggrolls

What up Phoenixville! Today at Lucky Strike in Philadelphia, Phillies star Jimmy Rollins held his annual Basebowl charity event.

“Hey, would you like to watch the Phillies and their friends bowl for a while on a Monday afternoon?”. Well sure! I mean, I’ll have to DVR The Nate Berkus Show, but count me in.

Little did I know the magical world I was entering.

I’ll get to my stalking of a “World *&#$! Champion” at a later time, but for now let’s turn our attention to Mike Piazza. The former Mets and Dodgers catcher was there as a friend of Jimmy’s and before he traded in his shoes we talked about family, the bankruptcy of the Los Angles Dodgers, and…eggrolls.

Mike Piazza

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