What I Learned At Phillies Spring Training

This week I spent a couple of days at Phillies Spring Training and had some knowledge dropped upon me. Both about our Phils and about myself.

I was solo for the bulk of the trip, and it was that quality time to myself that led me to a few revelations. First, as I am quickly approaching 28, I think the days of eating like an 8-year-old should soon expire. Seriously, after you look at 3 days of receipts that are nothing but Chicken Fingers and Fries you realize that you have lived on the “Kid’s Menu” for far too long. At what point will I graduate to the likes of Grilled Chicken and Penne Pasta? I’m not sure. But honestly I’m an Ice Cream Sundae in a baseball helmet away from still eating my 5th Grade favorites.

Second, there is no greater tradition then a beer and a hot dog at a game. If you ever want to truly appreciate this fact, go to Florida to watch a game in the middle of March when it’s still 45 degrees in Philly. It’s addicting and I’ve been trying to recapture that feeling since I’ve been back.

On to the Phils, did you know that Brad Lidge studies Religious Archeology? Really! He got into it while in Houston and continues to work on it. Now I know the norm is to become a broadcaster or open a car wash after your playing days, but Religious Archeology is a new one. Kudos to you Mr. Lights Out.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Raul Ibanez is the nicest athlete I’ve ever encountered. What a down to earth great guy. In between stories of dropping his kids off for school and his friendship with Eddie Vedder it became fairly apparent. Oh yeah, and he doesn’t ever hear you shouting things at him in the outfield.

Overall definitely a trip worth taking and one I recommend. If you ever want to go let me know and I’ll point out all the best Chicken Finger spots in Clearwater.

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