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You Will Never Look At Jim Harbaugh The Same After This…

Jim Harbaugh

The folks at Bad Lip Reading killed it during the Election last year, There’s always something that sticks with me. Like Rick Santorum‘s “fancy fist of joy“.

This time around I’m sure I’ll be considering Coach Harbaugh‘s thoughts on cake during the NFC Championship this weekend. Enjoy. Enjoy it now.

The Sweetest Video Of Old Men Singing “The Lion King” You Will See All Day

The Lion King

If this is the kind of thing that usually goes on at a Tim Hortons then I’m moving to Toronto. I’m tempted to build a porch, get a swing, and brew up some Country Time Lemonade just to invite these gentlemen over.

What’s In A Name: A “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet” Update

Froggy Fresh

Tomorrow “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet” returns with our first episode of the year. We’ll get a look at the latest from CES and we’ll tap into the Christian Rap scene of Philadelphia. Subscribe HERE so you don’t miss it.

Speaking of things I missed, lost in the holidays for me was this story of my favorite Internet Rapper Krispy Kreme being forced to change his name. You may remember Mr. Kreme from a previous episode of “Metro And Gordon Do The Internet” reciting his John Cena laced Christmas list.

I too am shocked that it took Krispy Kreme (The Donut) this long to not be ok with Krispy Kreme (The Rapper) waiving around guns in his garage.

He is now known as Froggy Fresh which is odd, but probably a safe enough distance away to avoid an amphibian lawsuit. Here’s the latest from him…

A History Of Misheard Lyrics

I hesitate to use the word brilliant. But this…this my friend…is so well done.


For more fun, check out this misheard classic on Yellow Ledbetter. Make me fries!

Caught In The Web: People Walking Into Stuff…Lots Of People

“Walking Into A Wall” ranks alongside “Getting Hit In The Crotch” and “Falling Down” as the most Epic Fails on YouTube.

Now if only someone would put all this wall smashing together with a clever soundtrack with lyrical cues…

Oh? What’s that? The folks at World Wide Interweb has done just that? Well, well.