Reeeeee-Mix: The Avengers

Did you see it? Huh? It’s pretty great and actually gets better the more I think about it.

I left the theater with a bit of frustration with The Avengers to be honest. Truly. I thought it was a little to surface level with the characters and that Loki was a bit of an odd choice for Marvel given that their film portfolio strength has always been that the legends are rooted in reality. In fact my first reaction was “Man it would be great to see another Captain America movie to dig a little deeper”.

But…it’s the action that sticks with you. The Hulk is finally done right. The city fight scene is epic. It’s a popcorn flick in all the best ways.

With all that in mind, I caught this on Jon Favreau‘s Twitter feed this morning. Makes me want to see it again. And you?

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