Caught In The Web: The River Line Train Fight

The video of a woman pummeling her boyfriend on the River Line has made the rounds this week, including this from The Daily News, but I still find myself fascinated with it enough to share.

To catch you up, this is Lisa. She’s 26 and from Westville, NJ. She has a boyfriend with red hair. He allegedly cheated on her. That makes Lisa angry.

Now there is a lot going on here.

One, for the love of god buddy…MOVE! I respect that you hung in there and showed restraint, but around the fourth kick to the head or second spit to the face I would have politely excused myself.

Two, the narration makes this for me. What’s a good Train Fight without “My Foods Gettin Cold“. Howard Cosell would be proud. It’s like Statler and Waldorf from The Muppets, only black, female, and pissed about her sandwich. On top of that, the biggest concern is not for this abused young man, but for the view. Note to those reading: YouTube now supersedes the moral code.

Three, can you believe this happens so much that there is Train Fights YouTube account dedicated to it? Mind. Blown.

Four, I wouldn’t mind buying tokens if you could guarantee this would happen. Apparently I don’t have to get involved, just enjoy the show. It’s like Mideval Times on a train.


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