Caught In The Web: The History Of The Zack Morris Phone

If I was allowed to raid the “Saved By The Bell” prop closet, I would first take the KKTY Bayside turntables. I would then grab the volleyball held tightly to Kelly Kapowski for obvious reasons. But then I would search for the legendary Zack Morris cell phone. The ultimate status symbol. It was the iPhone 5 decades before and still remains one of the greatest Pop Culture relics of our generation. For those reasons and many more I was happy to see the internet spawn this “Evolution Of The Zack Morris Brick Phone” video. Enjoy.


To further fill your Zack Morris fix check out this video of me singing “Friends Forever” to him while in for an interview at 94WYSP. For extra fun read the multiple comments calling me everything from dweeb to loser. Thanks internet.

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