Caught In The Web: Keenan Cahill Duets With The Best Beard In Sports

If this is your first introduction to Keenan Cahill, than you have a lot of catching up to do. Most of which you can do HERE. He’s a pretty special kid that has hijacked YouTube for the past year plus. He trades tweets with Britney Spears and gets happy birthday wishes from Katy Perry. Not bad for shooting some videos in your bedroom.

Usually I laugh and move on, but the appearance of Brian Wilson‘s beard (which has it’s own residents) and what I believe is a giant Seal, made this a video worth sharing.

Spoiler Alert: Cody Ross is also in the video. I am no fan of Cody Ross. I would prefer if Cody Ross was not featured. Grow an epic beard and we can talk Cody.

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