Say It Ain’t So: NBC10 Announces Yankees Will Win 2011 World Series

Often when a celebrity is on death’s door, a news agency will write an obituary and leave the dates blank so they will be the first to report the news. For NBC10 this seems absurd and EXTREMELY premature.

I received an e-mail today from the folks at announcing “BREAKING NEWS: Yankees WIN the 2011 World Series“. WHAT?!?!

I know you are looking to be ahead of the game NBC, but this is insane. And a day before Opening Day of all days. Where is your confidence? Where is the swagger? Is Jayson Werth your new News Director?

Oops! Now obviously this is a blank form for them to e-mail out “Breaking News”. They copy and paste in what they want into this template and then get it out to your e-mail box. But even if this is a joke, and somebody mistakenly hit send, why ever even type such words? I hope you have been hacked NBC because that seems to be the only excuse for such an e-mail. If not, good luck this season.

UPDATE: At 7:28PM NBC noticed the mistake and blamed it on New York. Click HERE to read.

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