Top 5 Friday Songs In Honor Of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”

Dear Internet, you have once again hated someone so much that you have made them a star. Rebecca Black has over 15 million hits for her song “Friday“. It’s earned her a lot of backlash and a spot on Good Morning America. Is it the worst song ever? No. Come on. I’m not sure what is, but there is certainly some Baha Men, OMC,  and S Club 7 deep cuts that deserve prior mention. But this song?

You will be guaranteed to hum it at least once today. So with that, I feel a bit inspired. Here are my Top 5 Friday songs heading into the weekend.

5. Joe Jackson – Friday

4. The Easybeats – Friday On My Mind

3. Johnny Kemp – Just Got Paid

2. The Cure – Friday I’m In Love

1. Loverboy – Working For The Weekend

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