Comcast Is Cool With Kabletown…And Tina Fey

Currently I am the Executive Producer of The Chris Stigall Show on 1210 WPHT. It’s been an interesting week in the foreign land of Conservative Political Talk. It’s only Wednesday and already I’ve dealt with an accused priest, the former Governor of PA, and the Executive VP of Comcast.

All in all, definitely a different world from the days of slingshoting wieners at Danny Bonaduce in the Hot Dog Derby. This morning though something struck my nerdy little heart that I wanted to share.

If you follow 30 Rock on NBC at all then I’m sure you’re familiar with Kabletown and their takeover of NBC. Kabletown of course is the real life Comcast, that did in fact takeover NBC. But you got to wonder how Comcast feels about the jokes. I know I don’t have the balls to mock CBS Radio. I don’t feel the urge to in the first place, and more so I have no interest in having a “things just aren’t working out” meeting. Yet Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin have managed to have some Comcastic fun with their new bosses. You don’t see The Slowskys ever talking back, so how do they get away with it.

Well this morning we had Comcast Executive Vice President David Cohen on the show, and it sounds like he’s cool with it. Hear that Tina Fey? You’re cool!

Here’s David’s comments this morning when Chris asked him about 30 Rock… 

P.S. – A very nice guy.

P.P.S. – I still love The Slowskys

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