Caught In The Web: Saved By Community

I still hold the opinion that Community is the funniest show on TV. I geek out about it. Lots of nerd humor, a minor man crush on Joel McHale, and the beautiful Alison Brie to neutralize that burn.

But even more than that, the internet and the detective work of Curt Neill has discovered the true reason this show hold such a special place in my heart. When you look at the facts Community is really Save By The Bell: The New New New Class.

Zack = Jeff

The Coolest Guy in School. Selfish, cocky, sarcastic. Always makes huge mistakes but somehow makes up for it by the end of the episode.

Kelly = Annie

The Beautiful One. Bubbly, sweet, innocent. Back and forth romance/sexual tension with the Coolest Guy in School.

Slater = Troy

The Cute Jock. Curly hair, not caucasian. Great body, always showing it off.

Jessie = Britta

The Feminist. Independent, prideful, guarded. Gets in a lot of arguments with the Coolest Guy in School.

Screech = Abed

The Weirdo. Scrawny, weird voice, encyclopedic knowledge. Very awkward in social situations. (I think brown JLC is waaay cooler than Screech)

Lisa = Shirley

The Sassy Gossip Queen. Very talkative, quick with comebacks, likes to gossip. (my observation)

Mr. Belding = Pierce

The Older Guy. Always taken advantage of, un-hip yet still loveable.

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