Caught In The Web: Racist ALF

2010 saved the best for last. According to TMZ, a video of ALF outtakes has recently surfaced where my favorite alien from Melmac dabbles in sexual harassment and drops a hand full of N-Bombs. Say it ain’t so ALF?

Even more shocking is that it’s 20 years old. Does that mean Mel Gibson and Dog The Bounty Hunter are just simply copies of ALF? Has ALF ever threatened to bury Rhonda in the Rose Garden?

Now before Jesse Jackson has a sit down with ALF, let’s ponder these few things…

This is not surprising behavior from an alien that dines on cats, which is obviously a thinly veiled¬†reference to being a sex addict. Number two, just saying, how do we know ALF isn’t black? You have no idea what the social makeup of Melmac is. And three, he’s a puppet.

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