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Interview: Rocket From The Crypt @ Underground Arts

Rocket From The Crypt

Rocket From The Crypt was back last week with a handful of shows in the states. It’s a reunion tour of sorts, after a couple of one-off festival shows and shows in the UK.

Before they took the stage at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, Speedo from RFTC sat down to talk about getting back together, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the cutting of some poor man’s beard.

Check It Out.


As Seen On The Tonight Show: Boomer The Dog

Boomer The Dog

Last night on “The Tonight Show“, after destroying the Sixers for their losing streak, Jimmy Fallon discussed Boomer The Dog.

Boomer The Dog is actually a man from Pittsburgh named Gary Matthews who thinks he’s a dog. Yinzers, right?

Anyway, last year I had a chance to talk with Boomer, and it remains one of my favorite interviews of all time. Check it out.

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