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Cutting The Tension Wih Rose McGowan

Well, add offending Rose McGowan to my resume. She has a new Lifetime movie out on Saturday called “The Pastor’s Wife“. We talked a little bit about Halloween this morning, just a little too much.

Rose McGowan

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Caught In The Web: ScarlettJohanssoning

Hopefully by now you have seen the infamous Scarlett Johansson naked photo shoot. I’m not going to post them here because I fear that might lead to shut down. Really a boob is not worth the sacrifice. Google it.

But some pictures I CAN get behind is this latest trend of “ScarlettJohanssoning“. This is the recreation of her picture in a sometimes sexy and often hilarious fashion. It’s the new plank-batmanning-razor-blah-blah-blah.

One kind soul has been nice enough to create a site and compile them all. Check it out HERE. I’ve linked to the non-human section because this is a PG operation, and honestly Donald Duck is always funnier than naked women. Not cooler, just funnier. Feel free to click around for the naked women. Enjoy.