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Interview: Bahamas


Tonight Bahamas comes to Philadelphia on the heels of last month’s release of “Bahamas Is Afie“. This morning he spoke with us from his hotel room about the new album and the rise of the band over the past few years.


Review: Bishop Allen @ Johnny Brenda’s

Bishop Allen

It’s been about seven years since I’ve first heard Bishop Allen. It was a shot of smart jangly indie rock before their was a Vampire Weekend. It was Ivy League, but less verbose and Graceland-esque then that band that would soon follow. But while those boys from Columbia have grown and refined with each passing album, the Harvard folks from Bishop Allen have seen diminishing returns.

Before expounding, I should say they put on a great, tight show. All the songs that I loved from that time burst through in fantastic fashion. Even the ones from beyond sounded better and warmer in the small confines of Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia.


2007’s “The Broken String” is a near perfect album, but 2009’s “Grrr…” and the recently released “Lights Out” have been unable to duplicate such feelings. I mean, it makes sense in a lot of ways. I won’t pretend to know the inner-workings of the band, but in the time since 2007, OKCupid (of which bassist Christian Rudder is a co-founder) has become kind of a big deal. So maybe those algorithms that once produced hooks now only produce hookups.

Rudder’s waning involvement in the album process is evident on stage. He seemed almost separate from the rest of the band at their show at Brenda’s. Like a suit picked to sit in with the cool kids.

But, as I said, they are still a lot of fun in that live setting. It’s a nice reminder of how great “The Broken String” and “Charm School” were as albums. Unfortunately, it also serves as wish, that it could be captured more in the albums that have followed.

Oh, 2008…


Interview: The Ataris @ Milkboy

The Ataris

This weekend, Milkboy in Philadelphia celebrated its 3rd Anniversary with three nights of free shows. One of which featured Kris Roe of The Ataris.

Before his set we had a chance to talk with Kris about porn shops, robberies, and his new call “Into The Wild”.

Keep up with The Ataris here and check out the interview below.