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Interview: Anthony Raneri @ North Star Bar

Interview: The Griswolds @ Milkboy

The Griswolds

Before their show at Milkboy in Philadelphia, Chris and Lucky of The Griswolds talk about Philadelphia, Firefly Music Festival, and their favorite Vacation movie.

Interview: Michael Franti @ Electric Factory

Interview: Brian Wilson

Brian Wilson

Today, the beautiful and revealing “Love & Mercy” opens in theaters. It’s the story of the legendary Brian Wilson, told in a fractured sense showing Brian in two important times in his life.

Simultaneously we see Brian during the height of his inspiration crafting the epic Pet Sounds album, as well as his life in the late eighties as he is in the grasp of a malicious adviser and alleged friend. Paul Dano and John Cusak bring Brian to life through two of his biggest struggles.

The man himself, Brian Wilson, was kind enough to take a few minutes to talk with me about the film last month.

It’s unnerving sitting across from one of the pillars of music as we know it. Also, I imagine it’s a similar feeling to be put in a hotel room to answer questions all day about a depiction of your life. Never the less, this is what it sounded like.

Brian Wilson

Interview: The Maine @ Electric Factory

The Maine

Pat and Garrett of The Maine discuss cheesesteaks and their new album on the bus before their show at Electric Factory in Philadelphia.

Interview: Emily Kinney @ Milkboy

Interview: Of Mice & Men @ Electric Factory

Of Mice And Men

Before their show at Electric Factory in Philadelphia, Austin and Tino from Of Mice & Men sit down to talk about the tour, video games from the bus, and the attempt to ban their namesake book.