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From The Phans 09.18.14

It’s a “Papelbon’s Crotch” edition of “From The Phans“!

Each week it’s “From The Phans” on Phillies 24/7. You can find it on your HD Radio at 98.1 HD-4 every Thursday at 3pm, or if you hate the future check it out here after each show airs.

It’s a show about being a Phillies fan, made by Phillies fans.

This week we discuss Jonathan Papelbon and his crotch, the slow end of the season, and October baseball with and Cut 4‘s Mike Bertha.

From The Phans

Interview: Tyler Knott Gregson


A few years ago I stumbled upon the poetry of Tyler Knott Gregson, and I have been thankful ever since. He writes beautiful, impacting words. Many of which are part of his typewriter series that you can find on Instagram, and now in the book “Chasers Of The Light“. This morning he took a few moments to speak about its origins and the new book.

Tyler Knott Gregson


Interview: Bahamas


Tonight Bahamas comes to Philadelphia on the heels of last month’s release of “Bahamas Is Afie“. This morning he spoke with us from his hotel room about the new album and the rise of the band over the past few years.