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Black History Month: How To Shake A Black Guy’s Hand

Black And White Handshake

This is great work out of Anthony Robinson, and extremely informative. I myself rarely have this problem, you know, because I listened to Otis Redding and watched “Sanford And Son” growing up…but I’ve seen this awkward exchange more times than I can count. Mostly by kids with Marc Ecko shirts and Stephon Marbury shoes. Because if Ghostface wasn’t rockin’ Wallabees, he surely would buy 15 dollar Starburys.

Caught In The Web: Cross Eyewitness News

Cross Eyed

With all do respect to my friends in the industry, I would watch this nightly. I would still get my weather from Katie Fehlinger and my warm feelings from Erin Burnett, but this would be DVR’d for sure.

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SexyBack Barack

Obama SexyBack

Beyonce may be mailing it in, but President Obama is coming strong and bringing sexy back.

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